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Terminal Cleaning

When Health & Safety is important we’re here for you

At Melbourne Cleaning Group we specialise in a sterilisation and disinfection service that kills and prevents the spread of viruses and forms a long lasting invisible barrier. This not only acts as a defence against airborne germs, but together combined with our ethanol based solution is also proven to sanitise against many of today’s viruses that find their way on surfaces in your workplace.

Our high grade disinfectants and solutions deactivate and destroy viruses and are suitable for environments such as offices, production areas, administrations, healthcare, food preparation areas and basically any working facility that requires high grade sterilisation, with the focus on protection of the workplace, its assets and employee’s.

The care and hygiene of your workplace environment for all our clients is our priority and the importance of ensuring you have a disinfection and sanitation cleaning system in place will ensure peace of mind in preventing the spread and risk of contamination.


How can we serve you ?

Disinfects All Surfaces

We use Flash-Dry and Microshield Angel blue hand sanitiser

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Suitable for Food Preparation, Healthcare, Production & more

 These products are safe and can be used around all areas of your work environment


We make sure that all products we use are safe and we insure the utmost care and safety when disinfecting and sterilising your work environment

Minimal Downtime

Our disinfection and sterilisation process is thorough but we work as fast as possible to insure your business is not impeded

Rapid Response

For any infected area

we can be on hand to deep clean ASAP (We should let them know what SLA’s we offer)

Proactive and Reactive Service Available

we can be on hand to deep clean, disinfect and sanitise before, during or after work hours and before or after any positive virus occurrence


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