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Events small or big,

Call on Clean-A-Gig

Venues Big and Small

We have the staff and the experience necessary to take care of some of the toughest of jobs. But we also believe that from little things big things grow.

Flexible Coverage

Need help with cleaning a venue after and during an event. We will do our best to be there for you, even when you need us yesterday.

Top Notch Support

Our staff are experts at getting the job done, and because of the approachable, hands on nature of our management we can react to problems as they arise quickly.



Incorporated under Melbourne Cleaning Group this is a specialised

Event Cleaning and Car Detailing


As the name suggests this is predominantly, but not exclusively, a gig based facility. We will literally gig in Melbourne and all around Australia and currently work with some of the leading car manufacturers, sponsors and events.


Your Clean Image is our

Bread & Butter

Our quality, experience and flexibility is what sets us apart. We are always trying to work with and help our clients and can be available on short notice if needed.

We attend to product campaign photo shoots for TV, Billboard advertisements or online campaigns, as well as sporting events, fashion, hospitality, media, and corporate events or new car launches.

Whatever, where ever, we will be on hand, in the background, making sure the event, venue and cars are looking flawless.

Whatever the job

We get it done. Call us :

1300 851 582

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Get in touch

Please contact us using the form below

Get in touch

Please contact us using the form below