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Customer Satisfaction is the key focus of Melbourne Cleaning Group. All our action in organizational development, staff motivation, management of our Human Resources, design and implementation of our operational procedures reflect and support this focus.

The company’s approach is to establish a culture in which both team work and individual excellence are encouraged through respect for and recognition of team members specialized skills and professionalism. This is enhanced by combining understanding, commitment and ownership of the service we deliver to our customers.

Melbourne Cleaning Group have updated and adopted a Quality Assurance philosophy as an integral factor in the way we do business achieving accreditation through Building Services Contractors Association of Australia Inc. As the management tool our service performance outcomes are now predictable and sustainable.

Our qualified Internal Auditors actively seek feedback on a regular basis from our customers representatives. The objective is to further put into practice a proactive approach in ensuring Customer Satisfaction is continuously maintained.

To assist in evaluating our submission, we have provided an overview of Melbourne Cleaning Group, thereby demonstrating our capacity to achieve your cleaning & associated service expectations. The overview includes a description of the Melbourne Cleaning Group structure, polices and capabilities.

Working in partnership with you, we will welcome the opportunity for contributing to your organization’s success and development.


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Melbourne Cleaning Group corporate values drive our conduct for the benefit of our people, customers their employees and their customers. These are the essential values by which we are judged. The Melbourne Cleaning Group and its

associated subsidiaries Clean a Gig and MCG Property Services values are actively communicated throughout the group and incorporated in all our induction, training and communication programs.


  • Safety and the Environment We are committed to working safely and protecting the environment. Our values are made aware to our employees and our suppliers ensuring that we have the very best in cleaning solutions and equipment at all times.
  • Teamwork We recognize our strength is our people working together in an environment of mutual respect, trust and openness.
  • Innovation and Improvement We are relentless in our pursuit of innovation and improvement in all that we do.
  • Leadership We encourage leadership, accountability and candour at all levels of the organization so that our people will succeed.
  • Tenacity We are persistent and resilient in the pursuit of our objectives.

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mel-cleaningMelbourne Cleaning Group is committed to providing non-core support services with the goal of exceeding our clients expectations. We are able to do this by maintaining our Quality Management System in accordance with BSCAA- Building Services Contractors Association of Australia. (Achieved 10th September 2005)

Melbourne Cleaning Group is committed to providing Total Quality Management as basis for its operational philosophy. This ensures we maintain and improve our customers service standards thereby ensuring that the cleaning services for our client’s organization exceeds their expectations.

Since formally embarking on quality process, we have invested heavily in training and awareness of our staff. To ensure that our customers receive total satisfaction and service levels that continuously improve, all Management, Staff

and associated members use our quality management system to drive our customer services.

Melbourne Cleaning Group, has achieved accreditation for all its services to BSCAA. Melbourne Cleaning Group is totally committed to maintaining and expanding the certification to benchmark and consistently improve levels of service provided to our customers.

We expect every employee to play an integral part in maintaining our focus on quality from customer specification assessment through to the provision of products and service.

This succeeds because every employee of Melbourne Cleaning Group understands the vital importance that teamwork plays in drawing together all elements of our operation and service. This creates a quality system delivering the desired positive result for our customers.

The benefits to our customers are a complete organization dedicated and committed to meeting the agreed requirement, with a desire to contribute to our customer’s success.


Contract Management Review meetings have been adopted by Melbourne Cleaning Group as formal instrument to both communicate and improve the service delivery.

We recommend that structured review meetings take place on a regular basis. These meetings provide the forum for discussing all aspects of the service, exchanging information and ideas and considering ways in which the service could be improved.

The working team of Customer Service Manager, Site Service Managers/Team Leaders and cleaning staff is supplemented by regular monitoring and reviews of our performance with our customers.

Performance factors would be measured on an on going basis. This measurement would of course, appear on the agenda of schedule liaison meetings.


The arrangement of management functions, i.e. planning, organizing, leading and controlling has been documented to form set procedures that make up our Quality Management System.

The purpose of these documented procedures is to:

  • Train personnel in the correct use of relative systems.
  • Compare actual tasks performed with Job Certification sheets.
  • Provide a stable basis for measuring and improving the Service Providers performance.

The documented procedures reflect what cleaning each site requires and is binding to the requirements of the agreement. Melbourne Cleaning Group supervisors will at times add to the schedule to benefit both the client and the service provider at no additional charge to the client.

Each contract site will have a Site Operations Folder that Melbourne Cleaning Group will provide which will contain all the necessary information such as relative contacts and provisions for communication.


Action Scenario

A Melbourne Cleaning Group Customer service manager will organize an on-site meeting with the cleaner and establish reasons for neglect. The customer service manager who is a trained Melbourne Cleaning Group site supervisor will refer to the Job Certification manual in the presence of the service provider / cleaner to establish that the duties concerned are defined in the JCS. Once established areas of concern will be serviced to contract acceptance
and a document report will be forwarded to the client and a copy for the supervisor as well as a copy for the cleaner.

The site supervisor will continue dialogue via supervision with the cleaner to maintain control of the concern. A contract management review meeting would then be held some time after the event to measure the condition of the overall site, past and specific concerns as well as cleaners performance. A copy of the condition report will be forwarded to the client.

Communication books will be placed in a number of areas and will be checked by the cleaners on a daily basis.


Melbourne Cleaning Group, incorporating Clean-A-Gig, is the name that is behind many companies because it is defined by its experience, imagination, and determination to exceed your expectations.

The success of your company’s perception, by its staff and customers, are driven by our commitment to knowing your needs, understanding your goals and employing the most skillful and motivated team available to achieve the desired result.

At Melbourne Cleaning Group we provide expertise in the areas of Event Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning and Office Cleaning, as well as displays and exhibitions. This means that when you acquire the services of Melbourne

Cleaning Group your needs can be met by one company. The benefits being one point of call for you and message consistency throughout.

Melbourne Cleaning Group commenced business in 1996 and since then has maintained a leading position within the Event Cleaning Industry. There has always been something very distinctive about the way Melbourne Cleaning Group goes about its business. Its level of quality and finesse are unquestionable and are matched by its blend of experience and youth.

Some of the companies that Melbourne Cleaning Group and Glean-A-Gig proudly provide service to are:

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