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Melbourne Cleaning Group, incorporating Clean-A-Gig, is the name that is behind many companies because it is defined by its experience, imagination, and determination to exceed your expectations.

The success of your company’s perception, by its staff and customers, are driven by our commitment to knowing your needs, understanding your goals and employing the most skillful and motivated team available to achieve the desired result.

At Melbourne Cleaning Group we provide expertise in the areas of Event Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning and Office Cleaning, as well as displays and exhibitions. This means that when you acquire the services of Melbourne Cleaning Group your needs can be met by one company. The benefits being one point of call for you and message consistency throughout.

Melbourne Cleaning Group commenced business in 1996 and since then has maintained a leading position within the Event Cleaning Industry. There has always been something very distinctive about the way Melbourne Cleaning Group goes about its business. Its level of quality and finesse are unquestionable and are matched by its blend of experience and youth.


Sanitary bin service
Toilet sanitisers
Air freshener units
Anti-bacterial toilet seat sprays

Please note that additional information can and will be given explaining in greater detail service frequency and options.

These services are managed by:


Melbourne Cleaning Group in conjunction with Alliance Partners Can program a service that not only
is the industry leader in controlled washroom management but also helps to minimise cross
contamination of germs and reduces the risk of accidents. Indoing so, it improves worker
morale, increases customer satisfaction and leads to a generally healthier business.


Melbourne Cleaning Group can supply a service in all kitchenettes, lunchrooms etc. where the supply of tea towels are replaced and cleaned on a daily basis. Our process in sanitising and cleaning of all textile requirements is HACCP approved and will soon become law in every state.

A supply of fresh, clean tea towels will be supplied in all required areas and a service will be provided on a weekly basis. Pick up and drop off to all individual kitchenettes and lunch rooms will be serviced by a Melbourne Cleaning Group service provider.



Melbourne Cleaning Group supplies and/or arranges through well-developed strategic alliances, the following services for their customers:

  • Builders clean / hand over cleaning
  • General maintenance, painting, plastering, carpentry
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Car park sweeping
  • Strip and reseal hard floor surfaces
  • Carpet maintenance programs
  • Window cleaning
  • Waste management/recycling program
  • Sanitation and hygiene services
  • Toilet consumables
  • Textile service